CNN Loses Another Whopping 38% Of Its Audience

( Ever since President Donald Trump left office, CNN has been struggling to maintain its audience – and with their preferred 2020 presidential candidate now in office, it looks like the network is struggling more than ever.

In 2021, the network lost a further 38% of its viewership over 2020.

That’s not just bad news for the network, but bad news for its propagandist news “anchors” like Brian Stelter, who constantly portray themselves as communicators of the truth. It turns out the American people know they’re frauds.

According to the latest Nielsen data, CNN recently saw its most dramatic drop in weekday primetime viewership. MSNBC is struggling, too, losing some 25% of its viewership in the same time slots.

The data revealed how on average, 919,000 viewers tune in during primetime to watch MSNBC’s far-left networking, and just 787,000 are watching CNN.

If the numbers keep dropping like this, they’ll have no viewers left at this rate. CNN’s ideal audience at this point would be far-left millennials and Gen Z “Zoomers” – and this demographic is no longer watching television. They’re watching TikTok.

Fox News saw a decline, too, with a 34% overall decline in viewership – but that means less when the network already has significantly more viewers than the left-wing outlets. Most of the top 10 news shows in the United States come from Fox, and the network has more than 2.3 million people tuning in during primetime on average.