CNN Caught Using Songs Likely Without Legal Permission

( According to far-left Rolling Stone, Freeplay Music has sued CNN for allegedly utilizing hundreds of songs in foreign broadcast segments without obtaining a license or paying the required costs.

This is just the latest scandal plaguing the King of Fake News.

The lawsuit, which Rolling Stone obtained, claims that numerous CNN offices around the world, including those in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Chile, treated Freeplay’s library like “their own personal cookie jar,” using more than 115 copyrighted works in more than 280 segments over the course of a few years.

The lawsuit alleges “willful copyright infringement” against CNN and states that these are not “insignificant usage.” “FPM’s production music library has been used to create and enhance the CNN brand in these segments, and to create the mood and feel that the International Parties aimed to convey.”

They said that the music frequently starts the segment and continues throughout. The FPM website makes clear the license and payment requirements. CNN was notified of this violation by FPM, but it was ignored.

Perhaps CNN was unaware that “Freeplay” wasn’t the same as “free”?

CNN seems to forge ahead with its own reality. After all, they went full steam ahead with the

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Is it all just a big misunderstanding with CNN?

Or are they a vile organization with a sick sense of entitlement that thinks it can say or do whatever it wants?