Close Ally Reveals Biden Met With Top Chinese Energy Leaders

Earlier this month, Rob Walker, an ex-colleague of Hunter Biden, witnessed a closed-door hearing held as part of the House impeachment investigation into President Biden.

Hunter Biden’s friend and associate said that President Joe Biden was in attendance at a meeting between the head of a Chinese energy company with whom Hunter Biden had dealings.

According to the president, he was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business operations, and the White House has characterized the Republican campaign to impeach Biden as sad, pitiful, and a waste of time.

By a vote of 221 to 212, the House of Representatives decided to begin an investigation into the president’s potential impeachment on December 13. Republican claims against Joe Biden center on his alleged financial benefit from his son’s business ventures when he was vice president from 2009 to 2017.

Many vital witnesses, including Walker, have since been interrogated by investigators. Despite failing to provide a specific date, Walker did state that, as per the interview transcript, Joe Biden met with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, his son Hunter, and other business associates at the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C., sometime in 2017 when the former Biden was serving as vice president.

(It should be noted that E. Jean Carroll successfully sued former president Donald Trump for rape without providing a date of when the alleged incident occurred.)

He added the gathering was preceding Robinson Walker’s receipt of $3 million from CEFC-affiliated State Energy HK Limited. Although Joe Biden was not engaged in the transaction, he claimed that the corporation used Hunter Biden’s position as the son of the vice president to influence commercial negotiations. This included using the younger Biden’s letterhead to compose letters.

A member of the Biden family named James Gilliar was allegedly sent $1,065,000 the day after Walker’s receipt of the money. Over a few months, he sent around $1,065,000 to the Bidens in installments.

Following testimony from multiple Biden associates and family members, Republican Oversight Committee chairman James Comer and Democratic Judiciary Panel chairman Jim Jordan announced last month that Representative Hunter Biden’s deposition will be held on February 28.

At the same time, several Democrats have been impeached by Republicans in recent months.