Clinton Advisor Issues Chilling Warning To Biden

On Sunday, an advisor to Clinton cautioned that if President Biden wishes to be reelected in 2024, he must diversify his appeal to voters beyond assaults on Trump.

An op-ed by Clinton aide Doug Sosnik in the New York Times drew parallels between the 2024 race and the 1980 presidential campaign when Biden was Jimmy Carter and Trump was Ronald Reagan. Noting that Carter and Biden both struggled to win over voters, Sosnik cautioned that Biden might have to change his approach to win.

Throughout his reelection campaign for 2024, Biden has warned that a Trump victory would be a threat to democracy and has primarily focused on Trump’s involvement in the Capitol rioting on January 6. Sosnik doubts this strategy is enough. He said Biden is surely relying on such weaknesses to undermine Trump.  He said the 1980 presidential campaign taught us that displeasure with the first candidate won’t do much good if the other candidate can’t win over voters.

Reagan overcame Carter’s struggles by promising a fresh course and exuding charm; he also dismissed questions about his age, something Biden is currently encountering. In addition to criticizing Trump, Sosnik argued that Biden should take cues from Reagan’s campaign and paint an excellent image to win over people.

Biden’s age has been a big talking point throughout his campaign, thanks to a string of blunders and the fact that most Americans think he’s too old.

Concerns about Reagan’s mental acuity lingered throughout his administration, particularly in its latter years, but he disclosed his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease six years after he left office in 1994.

Sosnik said addressing the Biden age critique directly rather than ignoring it and stressing what is optimistic about a Biden presidency, rather than the negatives of a Trump presidency, will more likely have voters more enthusiastic than apathetic.

Biden must win over enough Americans to convince them he can successfully serve as president far into his 80s. No amount of public opinion of Trump will matter if he fails to do it.