Climate Activists Disrupt High-Level Event With Fed Chair

On Thursday, a group of climate protestors interrupted a public appearance by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

Climate Defiance protesters walked on the stage at Manhattan’s Economic Club of New York, causing a commotion. Protesters waved anti-Fed banners and shouted anti-government chants.

Powell was able to give his planned speech after the demonstrators were seen being violently removed from the venue by security guards. They were seen dragging one demonstrator and carrying another towards the exit. Members of the crowd who disapproved of the demonstration threw drinks at the protesters and yelled at them to leave.

The group suggested in a post explaining the protest on X that Powell might adopt a 1:1 rule, mandating banks to set aside one dollar of collateral for every dollar of financing they provide for fossil fuels.

Protesters affiliated with Climate Defiance have targeted the Federal Reserve three times in the last three months, the most recent of which occurred on Thursday.

Protesters at the annual Federal Reserve gathering in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in August had to be forcibly removed. In addition, in September, many members of Climate Defiance took part in a protest that led to the closure of doors to the Federal Reserve headquarters in New York City.

According to their website, they have acquired notoriety through a series of rallies aimed at getting government authorities to confront climate change, which they see as an existential issue that threatens all life on Earth. In addition to focusing on Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and disrupting a House office building in July, the gang also targeted Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

According to the Climate Emergency Fund’s 2022 annual report, the organization receives tax-deductible donations from wealthy American liberals like Hollywood screenwriter Adam McKay, “Succession” actor Jeremy Strong, and Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together organization. One of the groups that receives funding from CEF is the confrontational eco-activism group known as Climate Defiance.