Chuck Todd Admits The Phony “Investigation” Scheme Isn’t Going As Planned

( Democrats on Capitol Hill may be starting to realize that voters are more concerned about inflation and the cost of food than they are about the Democrats’ Capitol riot investigation. Various claims made by the Jan. 6th Committee have been leaked to the press, which is then frantically giving the stories their spins in the hopes of distracting people from the Democratic party’s self-destruction currently underway.
According to an Axios news report, Democrats are concerned about how the leaks from their January 6 investigation are affecting voter opinions at a time when Americans are distracted by inflation, Ukraine, and COVID-19. The news organization also claimed that one of the January 6 committee’s main goals was to create drama to provoke public interest ahead of hearings scheduled for this Summer.

In other words, Democrats may be admitting that they’ve been trying to stretch out the “probe” across several months in a vital election year, but so far, their efforts to convince the public have failed.
Chuck Todd, the host of “Meet the Press Daily,” and his panelists discussed how Republicans were likely going to get power this November based on a
“Lie.” Chuck Todd felt that the Capital riot might not matter on the campaign trail. His panelist from the Washington Post, Eugene Scott, agreed.
Audrey Fahlberg, a reporter from The Dispatch, felt that the Republicans are trying to convince voters they care about the border and inflation so focusing on the Capital riot isn’t something they care about.
Chuck Todd is aware that people have been expressing their anger about inflation and the economy in polls for months, with the Capitol riot investigation dismissed as a top priority. And Republicans aren’t going to soft-soap the state of the US economy. When it comes to the elections, political analysts will say that if voters struggle to make ends meet and provide for their families, nothing else matters. And they will take it out on the political party currently in power.