Chuck Schumer’s Signature Revealed To Be On Secret Document

( Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is at this point one of the bravest people in Congress. Along with Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Manchin has repeatedly refused to bow to his party on the issue of the unprecedented $3.5 trillion spending package – but a secret document could indicate that Manchin’s bravery isn’t unlimited.

A document from July recently published appears to show Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s signature on an agreement with the West Virginia senator, laying out the terms under which he would eventually vote “yes” with the Democrats on their extremist budget package.

It means that Manchin may someday vote with his party on passing President Joe Biden’s extreme “Build Back Better” plan that would worsen inflation and lump average Americans with astronomical debt for years to come.

The document, titled “Agreement to Start Budget Resolution,” was long kept secret but unveiled earlier this month. It shows not just that Manchin is willing to go along with the Democrats’ plan at some point in the future, but indicates that Schumer might have been telling lies to members of his own party.

According to the agreement, Manchin wouldn’t agree to a budget of any more than $1.5 trillion – and that he won’t support it until every single penny from existing COVID-19 relief has already been used. It also states that Manchin won’t agree to a corporate tax rate of any more than 25%, which is less than the 26.5% proposed by the Democrats today.

Manchin also said that coal and natural gas supplies must “feasibly qualify” for carbon capture, utilization, and storage tax credit, and that a fuel and vehicle tax credit shouldn’t only be applied to electric vehicles.

It’s not ideal, but there is some good stuff in there, and it’s significantly less than what Biden’s extreme party is demanding.

Unless the Democrats meet these demands, it looks as though they aren’t going to get what they want…and by then, we may have a Republican-controlled Congress anyway.