Chuck Schumer Unloads On GOP In Vile Attack

( Chuck Schumer this week tried to convince Republicans to get behind their extremist “For the People Act” – a proposed piece of legislation that would force states to legalize ballot harvesting, implement mass mail-in voting, and remove voter ID laws.

And instead of providing any convincing argument, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wrongly claimed that Republicans and former President Donald Trump are not telling the truth when they talk about fraud and misconduct in the last election.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Schumer said that Trump was wrong to say the election was “stolen,” and said that when he “lied” he poisoned American democracy.

And so he wants to solve that poisoning of democracy by…making it easier for people to commit election fraud?


Schumer called former President Trump a “despicable” man and said tat Republican state legislatures went about implementing sweeping “voter suppression” that hasn’t been seen in 80 years.

Is there any other Senator more despicable and dishonest than Chuck Schumer?

Schumer wrongly claimed that Trump lost the election “legitimately” and doubled down in an attempt at humiliating the former president by saying it was “his failure” and he created a “big lie.”

But the big lie is the claim that the last election wasn’t impacted by fraud.

Schumer also tried to say that Republican efforts to ensure all votes cast are legitimate “sounds like Jim Crow.”

What is wrong with these Democrats?

Republicans stand against the new “For the People Act” because it would make it easier for election fraud to occur, and for some reason, Schumer thought his speech on the Senate floor would help ensure Republicans wouldn’t filibuster the vote on the extremist new measures.