Chris Wallace Reportedly Warned Fox Execs About Patriot Purge Blowback

( This week, two NeverTrump Fox News contributors ran to the New York Times to explain why they were leaving the cable news giant. Jonah Goldberg and Steven Hayes claimed that Tucker Carlson’s 3-part documentary “Patriot Purge” was the last straw for them, so in a stunning act of bravery, they were leaving Fox News in protest. Of course, Fox News wasn’t renewing their contracts at the end of the year, so their stunning and brave posturing wasn’t so stunning and brave after all.

But the Fox-hating corporate news media gobbled it up with a spoon. NPR gushed about the trouble Tucker’s documentary was causing among the other Fox News personalities. In addition to Goldberg and Hayes quitting rather than suffer the humiliation of not being picked up for the coming year, NPR also revealed that two of Fox’s “news” personalities were so bothered by “Patriot Purge,” they went to the Fox News brass to complain.

Anchors Bret Baier and Chris Wallace allegedly shared their objections to “Patriot Purge” with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and Fox’s president of news, Jay Wallace. Though neither Scott nor Jay Wallace responded to NPR’s request for comment on their report, so who knows if it’s true.

What is true is that both Wallace and Baier used their programs to preemptively debunk the claims made in Tucker Carlson’s 3-part documentary.

Shortly before “Patriot Purge” premiered, Bret Baier aired a segment on the investigation into January 6 from Fox News’ national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin. In her report, Griffin interviewed people who dismissed the claims that the 3-hour riot was a “false flag” operation.

The Sunday before “Patriot Purge” aired, Chris Wallace’s guest on Fox News Sunday was none other than Liz Cheney. Liz also denied that January 6 was a “false flag” attack. How could she know that when the January 6 select committee hasn’t finished their investigation yet?

Keep in mind, these “counterpoint” reports preceded the airing of “Patriot Purge.” Liz Cheney and the people interviewed by Jennifer Griffin had no idea what Tucker’s 3-part documentary was going to reveal.

It is exceedingly difficult to “debunk” something before you know what it’s about. That’s more of a “pre-bunk” than a “debunk.”

Tucker Carlson is taking it all in his stride.

On Twitter, Carlson’s pinned tweet promoting the 3-part “Patriot Purge” now includes an image with the quote “The documentary series that drove Jonah Goldberg to impotent rage.”

He also released a new promotional video for “Patriot Purge” that lampoons all the breathless histrionics the original promotional video caused: