Chinese Vaping Brand Elf Bar Under Scanner for Potent New Device

Set of colorful disposable electronic cigarettes on a blue background. The concept of modern smoking. Top view.

With a £12.99 device dubbed the AF5000, which is touted as pre-filled with 2ml of liquid nicotine—the permissible maximum for a disposable e-cigarette—the Chinese vaping company Elf Bar has been accused of breaking UK legislation. 

It also features a clip-on 10ml reservoir, so you can use one device to ingest up to 12ml of nicotine. The EU has informed member states about the hazardous equipment. A ban on it across Europe is expected. Demands to remove the gadget from UK stores are being made because of concerns that it may end up in the hands of curious children.

According to Steve Brine, the former head of the Commons health committee, this decision will not surprise anyone. The law must always be a few steps ahead of profiteers.

Caroline Johnson, a pediatric consultant, and former Tory MP, stated that this is a blatant indication that the business would stop at nothing to get under the legislation and increase the number of individuals addicted to nicotine products.

Preet Gill, the shadow health minister, called on the government to act “urgently” to remove the vapes off store shelves. She said that the number of young people who vape has increased and that the Labour administration will take strict measures, such as outlawing the branding and advertising of vapes to minors, to prevent a new generation from developing a nicotine addiction.

Elf Bar declared that the AF5000 complied with all legal requirements and that it was looking into the EU notice. Investigations revealed that Elf Bar products were far more potent than claimed, and some supermarkets discontinued carrying dangerous products last year. 

Despite its vow to outlaw all disposable vaporizers, the Tobacco and Vapes Bill was unable to pass before Parliament was adjourned for the General Election.

The European Union issued a warning about the device’s lengthy refill tank, which may cause users to consume excessive amounts of nicotine unintentionally. Because nicotine is highly poisonous, using it can put the user’s safety in jeopardy, especially if it gets on the skin or is consumed.