Chinese Scientists Impregnate Male Rat

( After the year we’ve just had, the last thing we need to hear about is a successful Chinese research project involving animals…but here we are.

According to a research paper published by scientists in Shanghai, scientists have been reportedly capable of impregnating a male rat. The pregnancy was completely successful, too, with the male rat allegedly giving birth to ten healthy baby rates.

The paper is currently in the pre-publication stage and has not been peer-reviewed, so we could still find that there are inaccuracies or problems with the paper. However, the claims themselves are pretty incredible. The paper, which is titled, “A Rat Model of Pregnancy in the Male Paraboint,” was promoted in the state-run Chinese propaganda news outlet the Global Times. The paper explained how the pregnancy came about as a result of a phenomenon in “Syngnathidae,” which is the word used to describe the incubation of a fetus in a male.

It means that the scientists successfully impregnated the male rat, but that it remains unknown whether a male mammal has the ability to actually conceive.

Scientists allegedly performed a surgery on the rat, implanting a uterus from a female rat, and then transplanting late-stage embryos into the uterus. Eventually, the baby rats were delivered by Caesarean.

If all of this holds true, and if scientists in China really did allow a male rat to incubate babies in a transplanted uterus, then it makes you wonder how long it will take before scientists try this on humans.

And with the radical trans movement being so vocal on issues relating to biological sex and gender, you know that people are going to want to try this out soon…

The process has a low success rate of 3.68 percent, so it could be a little while before it translates to humans. Thankfully.