China’s Latest Balloon Excuse Looks Awfully Suspicious

( There’s another Chinese balloon flying above the earth.

One day after they verified the discovery of a similar device over critical portions of the western US, Pentagon authorities disclosed the discovery of the Latin American balloon on Friday.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, the balloon was an unmanned research airship that had its trajectory altered by the weather.

According to the source, Mao said the airship “significantly deviated from its intended course and unintentionally entered the sky above Latin America and the Caribbean.” But she omitted to mention the intended scope of the balloon’s observations.

According to the WSJ, the second spy balloon received a minimal reaction from governments in Latin America, many of whom are eager to strengthen their commercial ties with Beijing.

The balloon went over Colombia’s northern regions at a speed of 29 miles per hour, and the air force of Colombia reportedly acknowledged this but added that “this element did not constitute a danger to national security and defense.”

The US balloon traveled across the nation before being shot down on Saturday off the shore of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng lodged a formal protest with the American Embassy after the aircraft downing, referring to the event as “a US assault on a Chinese civilian unmanned airship by military force.”

Chinese spokesmen assert that the apparatus was a part of civilian research activity, in contrast to US officials who believe that the balloons constitute a clandestine Chinese surveillance operation.

One spokesman referred to President Biden’s November meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and stated that “what the US has done has delivered a significant blow and undermined the efforts and progress in stabilizing China-US ties since the Bali summit.”

The announcement of the Chinese spy balloon comes at a challenging time for ties between the US and China. Secretary of State Antony Blinken postponed his trip to China early this week indefinitely due to the incident.

The second balloon’s confirmation by China came not long after Michael Mazza, a non-resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said in The Post that the suspicious devices were a “Sputnik moment” for Biden’s America.

Mazza urged Washington to utilize the situation with the spy balloon as fuel for bipartisanship.

He stressed that Republicans and Democrats should work together to prevent this opportunity from being wasted on a needless outburst of hot air.