China Should CANCEL $1 TRILLION US Debt – Senator Marsha Blackburn

(PresidentialWire.Com)- Things are heating up for China. Most of the world is furious with the country’s communist government for attempting to cover up the severity of the outbreak in late 2019, and now United States Senators are coming out in favor of drastic new proposals against China.

Republican Senator for Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, said on Monday that she believes the country should cancel the $1 trillion in debt currently owed by the United States as compensation for allowing the virus to spread and damage the US economy.

“There is a growing opinion among our colleagues that China needs to be first of all held to account for what they’ve done, and secondly they need to pay for what this has cost in lives and livelihoods and suffering and what it cost our economy,” she said to Just The News.

“Now we do know that China holds a trillion dollars of our debt,” she added. “So waiving that would be a good solid step.”

Blackburn also recommended measures that include the return of pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as other manufacturing, to the United States. Currently, the United States outsources the manufacturing of key pharmaceuticals to the country meaning a disruption in the supply chain easily leaves Americans without the drugs they need.

“So many people have realized how vulnerable we are…and I have the legislation that would return manufacturing of those active pharmaceutical ingredients to the United States so that we’re never caught in the position of not being able to get something we need in order to protect the people of our country,” she added.

The proposals echo much of what President Donald Trump said on the campaign trail back in 2016. Up until now, the Democrats have dismissed his calls for returning manufacturing back to the United States as impossible or xenophobic, but the coronavirus has turned that upside down.

Could now be the time that the Democrats finally admit there is something fundamentally wrong with outsourcing everything to China?

Blackburn didn’t hold back on her opinions about the World Health Organization, either.

“I think there definitely should be an investigation into the World Health Organization and how they have politicized this process…Getting an investigation started would be the right thing to do,” she added.

As soon as this pandemic is over, China and the WHO have a lot of quest