China Puts Down Pet Cats After Positive COVID Test

( According to the CCP-run Global Times, last week on September 28, the local government in the Chinese city of Harbin euthanized three pet cats against the wishes of their owner after both the owner and her cats tested positive for COVID-19.

The woman received her positive test on September 21, and local health officials ordered her to leave her apartment that day and enter a state hospital for mandatory self-isolation. Before leaving for the hospital, the woman left out food and water for her three cats. However, shortly after she left, a community worker went in and tested the cats and found all three tested positive for COVID.

Over the woman’s objections, the three cats were put to sleep by the city.

Beijing News initially reported on the incident on September 28, but after an online backlash erupted over the city’s cruel actions toward this woman’s pets, it quickly deleted the article from its social media accounts.

One community worker told Beijing News that the cats would have continued to leave “viral traces” in the woman’s home, and as there is no medical treatment for infected animals, they were put down.

However, studies show that transmission from pets to humans is exceedingly rare. What’s more, there has been no case of transmission from domestic cats to humans at all.

Harbin is located in China’s northeastern province of Heilongjiang which is currently battling a resurgent caseload of COVID-19. The majority of Heilongjiang’s new infections have been detected in Harbin, its capital. Local authorities there have imposed strict lockdown mandates in recent days to control the virus’ transmission.

The CCP defended local authorities for their decision to kill this lady’s pets, arguing that doing so shows Harbin’s “responsible attitude toward the safety of people’s lives.”

On September 28, nine local party officials were punished by Heilongjiang provincial authorities for failing to focus on epidemic prevention and control, as well as their poor management of quarantined people during the city’s latest coronavirus outbreak.

These officials received “disciplinary warnings” from China’s Communist Party for failing to contain the virus in Harbin.