China Flips Out After U.S. Tries To Secure Spy Balloon Debris

( China’s Foreign Ministry criticized the United States last week after the US military shot down three additional unknown objects over North American airspace.

During a press briefing last Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin once again reiterated that the Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast of South Carolina earlier this month was a civilian-owned craft that entered US airspace unintentionally and said he had nothing to say about the three additional objects shot down the previous weekend.

On February 10, US military jets shot down a cylindrical object over the northern coast of Alaska. The following day, a small balloon was shot down over Canada’s Yukon Territory. On Sunday, February 12, another object was shot down over Lake Huron.

Wang described the US’s shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon as a “trigger-happy overreaction” that left many Americans asking what good would come from such an action.

When asked by a reporter if Beijing denied any connection to the objects shot down by the US, Wang shut down the question, saying he had nothing to say about it. He said China opposes the “made-up stories and smears” leveled against China, calling them “irresponsible comments” that lacked evidence.

While attending the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, Wang Yi, a senior member of China’s Foreign Ministry, also blasted the US for shooting down the Chinese spy balloon, calling the decision “hysterical” and “absurd” and accusing the US of trying to distract from “domestic problems,” the New York Times reported.

Wang reiterated that the balloon was a civilian craft that “veered off course.” He said Beijing had asked Washington to handle the situation “calmly and professionally” by consulting with China and the US “disregarded” Beijing by using “advanced fighter jets” to shoot the balloon down.

Wang described the US’s actions as an “abuse of the use of force.”