China Demands America “Halt” Olympic “Interference”

( The White House’s decision to allow American athletes to attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing is apparently not good enough for the Chinese Communist Party, with China demanding that the United States stop its “Interference” in the event that is due to take place next month.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry revealed that Minister Wang Yi said in a phone call with United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken that the U.S. needs to stop interfering in the event, following a decision by the White House not to send diplomats to the games.

The diplomatic boycott was the bare minimum that the federal government could do to protest China’s many human rights abuses, including the detention of over one million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps in the Xinjiang province of China.

While the British government is also sending athletes to the games, the country’s official Olympic Games board advised athletes not to take their own mobile devices to the country and have been offered temporary cell phones to take instead. Athletes were also given extensive advice on how to protect their personal data while in the country.

Wang also reportedly called on the United States to end its support for Taiwan, a self-governing island that China claims as its own. The United States has been supportive of Taiwan for many years, with support ramping up dramatically during the Trump administration.

The Chinese minister also claimed that the United States hasn’t done enough to end the harsh economic restrictions placed on China. So it’s presumably only a matter of time before President Joe Biden caves…