China Claims “Loophole” Allowing Kids To Play Video Games Should Be Shut Down

( We recently reported on the news that China would implement a new policy banning children from playing video games any more than three hours per week. It’s an authoritarian rule that you would never see implemented here in the United States – at least under Republican leadership – as it’s something that parents should be overseeing and not elected officials.

…even if it is kind of a good idea.

Nonetheless, Chinese state media is reporting that loopholes allowing children to bypass the new rules need to be curbed to prevent them from developing addictions to video games.

The new rules were introduced in August of this year, with a view to preventing addiction and encouraging children to focus more on their studies and spending time being healthy and getting outdoors.

However, according to the People’s Daily newspaper, there are game rental and sales businesses online that allow young Chinese users to bypass the online supervision and rent accounts to play games online without any restrictions. It means that teenagers are continuing to play video games throughout the week for longer than is legally allowed – something the newspaper said is “worthy of attention.”

In other words, the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian crackdown on video games is being bested by teenagers who know how to use the Internet.

It’s kind of hilarious, isn’t it? And it also proves that big government isn’t really effective.

The state-run newspaper said that game trading platforms must be cracked down on, and that new measures must be taken to stop young people from buying, selling, and renting these online gaming accounts. Any gaming business, the outlet said, must “actively fulfill social responsibilities” and be responsible for the “healthy growth of the next generation.”

It’s only a matter of time before China starts cracking down again…but how long will it take for the free market to thwart China’s plans yet again?