China Behind Vaccine Doses To Major Part Of World, Report Finds

( According to the Wall Street Journal, China has been supplying millions of doses of the COVID0-19 vaccine to developing countries across Asia this year, with millions of doses from China landing in South East and South Asia over the last weekend.

It’s nice that China is sending all these doses to poor countries impacted by the virus that leaked from their country…but the question is, will the vaccines work?

China doesn’t exactly have the best record on sending COVID-related medical equipment abroad…

The Journal reports that doses of the COVID vaccine have been sent to Kathmandu, Jakarta, Manila, and Bangkok over the last few weeks. Cambodia is also reportedly mostly using vaccines from China, and Nepal has so far received 1.8 million doses.

Half of the doses of the vaccine distributed in the Philippines have also come from China, and a massive 89% of the vaccines in Indonesia also came from China.

The Journal revealed that China is using the opportunity to build ties with other countries. By providing vaccines to poorer countries, China can build trust with developing nations, and also push the narrative that Western countries are “hoarding” the vaccine for themselves, even though Western European nations have already donated millions of doses to the developing world and U.S. President Joe Biden committed to a plan to distribute even more during the recent G7 discussions.

It poses an interesting problem for the Biden administration. If the administration ramps up foreign distribution, it could prove China “right” that the West was hoarding. If the administration doesn’t ramp up distribution, China can continue pushing this narrative and using vaccines to build better relations with new allies as the Chinese Communist Party ramps up its plans to become a global economic and military leader.