Chick-fil-A Location Says No More To Unruly Children 

( It’s probably not surprising that Chik-fil-A is a Christian, family-owned business that puts a premium on ideals and employees. In the fast food arena, they are a cut above. Their staff is kind and helpful, their food tastes great, and they work efficiently in spotless environments. 

Unsurprisingly, such a company would have no problem instituting policies to combat issues that other companies are too “woke” to address. 

A Pennsylvania Chik-fil-A restaurant has experienced issues with disruptive, unsupervised youngsters. The organization quickly put an end to it. 

After repeated incidents of disobedience, the local franchise announced that it would no longer serve unaccompanied youngsters. 

The Royersford, Pennsylvania, released a statement on Facebook saying they appreciate being a neighborhood restaurant and serving customers of all ages, but specific problems must be addressed. It then went on to list “inappropriate actions” that the staff had to deal with that justified their new policy. 

According to the post, the problem kids used obscene language, abused personnel, stole and destroyed property, and walked through the drive-thru lanes. 

We are a family-oriented restaurant, and this will not be accepted,” Chick-fil-A cautioned. 

They said they care about the well-being of their visitors and employees and the security of their property. Therefore, they ask that guests under 16 be accompanied by an adult at all times while dining at their establishment. 

The branch clarified that unaccompanied kids may still buy food but must take it with them. 

Chik-fil-A also assured the parents that they were not blaming them. They said when youth gains independence, children and teenagers frequently test limits. But they could no longer tolerate such brazen disregard for the rules of the eatery. They urged parents to have open conversations with their kids. 

It’s a shame that certain youths get painted with the same brush as those with little self-respect or respect for others.