Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Threatens LEGAL ACTION Against Social Media Protestors

(PresidentialWire.Com)- If you’re a resident of Chicago and you were planning on discussing future demonstrations about excessive lockdown measures, you may want to think again. Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot said last week that those who promote gatherings or protests through social media may face legal action for doing so.

If you’re not a resident of Chicago, you may remember seeing Mayor Lightfoot in the news for ignoring her own coronavirus advice. Despite telling people to stay at home in a highly-produced comedy video, where she shows people what is and is not considered essential travel, Lightfoot was pictured sat next to a stylist after having her hair done.

Speaking to the press on Saturday, Lightfoot said she was cracking down on social media users who were organizing online to violate what many consider to be excessive lockdown measures.

“Now I’ve directed Superintendent Brown to order all police districts to give special attention to these parties and this is how it’s gonna be: we will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail,” she said.

“There should be nothing unambiguous about that. Don’t make us treat you like a criminal but if you act like a criminal and you violate the law and you refuse to do what is necessary to save lives in the city in the middle of a pandemic we will take you to jail,” she added.

Harsh words.

Lightfoot also threatened anybody who hosts a party, promotes parties, or goes to a party, with being arrested.

“The time for educating people into compliance is over, don’t be stupid don’t come out, don’t advertise on social media, we’re watching you and we are going to take decisive action,” she added.

Doesn’t sound very American, does it…

Despite having broken her own rules, Lightfoot has continued telling Chicago residents to stay at home. She even gave her Instagram account to local musicians who performed virtual concerts to raise money for the arts during the pandemic.

Lightfoot likes to pander, but she also seems to think she’s above her own rules.