Celine Dion’s New Documentary Lays Bare Her Health Struggles

A video that is difficult to watch of Celine Dion in the throes of an agonizing spasm while she battles Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) has been released by the singer and circulating online.

The Canadian star, who has been suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder, is shown in an Amazon documentary in her vulnerable and weakened state. She experiences crippling pain and is seen on video seizing up and also crying.

Celine admits to taking lots of Valium and realizes that she is in danger of dying. After scrapping her 2021 Sin City residency, she feels obligated to explain herself to her fans but still promises to return to the stage. However, the illness has robbed her of her singing voice, and it will take a miracle to return to her recognizable self.

“I Am: Celine Dion” is a raw look at what the superstar is enduring. It is not intended to be a pity-fest. She’s not looking to be called brave. It’s merely transparency, so there is no speculation, nor rumors, no misinformation. For two decades, she’s been lying, saying canceled shows are due to sinus infections and trouble with her ears. She’s been covering up for what she’s known for a very long time.

She also struggles to keep things regular for her 13-year-old sons, who may not remember their dad due to the IV drips and plasma infusions she has to endure.

After René passed away in 2016, Celine clearly never got over it.

In the film, we see Dion return to singing after a two-year hiatus and push herself through a torturous recording session. Her therapist notices a spasm in her foot, and her hands start to twitch like claws. She is flat on her back, strangely arched, and unable to raise her neck.

The next stage is a full-blown, foaming seizure, and doctors and nurses rush in, but the cameras don’t leave. Tears mar Celine’s makeup-free face as she endures ten minutes of tormented spasms and childlike screams.

Celine takes charge by acknowledging her shame and showing that she has lost control, telling the truth about her life and legacy.