Celebs TURN On Biden – Regret It!

NEW YORK, USA - Sep 29, 2015: US Vice President Joe Biden during a meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in New York

Some prominent celebrities who went big for Biden in 2020 are withholding their endorsements this round.

Charlemagne the God, who hosts a popular radio show, was a guest on the May 22 episode of The View. The show’s co-hosts urged him to endorse the Biden candidacy, but he wasn’t having any. The radio host has repeatedly questioned his decision to endorse Biden in 2020, and said on The View that he prefers to put his political energies behind particular issues rather than individuals now. He fired back at the hosts of the TV show, saying that they take any opportunity to buffalo guests into endorsing Biden even when they’re clearly not interested. Nonetheless, Charlemagne said that he’s planning to vote in November’s election despite the fact that he hates both candidates. He said he will vote his own interest, and didn’t say what that interest was.

Charlemagne isn’t alone in his newfound reticence. During an April appearance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told the show “Fox & Friends” that he would not back Biden’s re-election. Johnson endorsed Biden in 2020 despite being an outspoken political independent. He said that he thought the endorsement was a good idea at the time, but he has had cause for regret as his political comments caused division among his fans. It is a mistake he does not intend to repeat.

On the other hand, Michael Rapaport hasn’t just announced that he would no longer support Joe Biden due to what, in Rapaport’s estimation, is an insufficient commitment to Israel’s security in its war with Hamas. The liberal comedian, in a viral video posted on May 9, he called Biden “Cadaver Joe Biden” and said that the President would never again win his vote. While Rapaport has often criticized Trump, he said in the video that he is now considering casting his vote for the former President.

The video came shortly after Biden vowed not to send weapons to Israel if Israel launched its offensive in Rafa.