CBS White House Reporter Says Democrats Need A Migration Bill Before Midterms

( Ed O’Keefe, the top political reporter for left-wing station CBS, seems to be completely oblivious to the nation’s immigration problem. He claimed during a recent interview that the Democrats need to implement new immigration legislation that would weaken the border, if they are to have any hope of maintaining control of the House and Senate in 2022.

Speaking on December 26, O’Keefe told Face the Nation that the Democrats will need to at least make it look as though they have “tried” to do something about immigration, and attempted to pass new legislation that makes it easier for illegal aliens to become citizens and for people to enter the country. The comments come as the number of illegal aliens who have come across the border since Biden took office approaches 2 million.

The tone-deaf analysis was criticized by Mark Kirkorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, who noted that the idea that Biden and the Democrats would lose our electorally unless they weaken the border some more is “ludicrous.”

“Immigration is a losing issue for Democrats and had he done more, he’d be in even deeper kimchi than he is now,” Kirkorian said. “It’s bananas frankly, I think he should probably get into a different line of work.”

The whole country knows at this point that President Joe Biden is suffering worsening approval ratings, but the idea it’s because he isn’t making the border weak enough makes little sense. Every month, the number of people apprehended illegally crossing the border increases, and the White House even floated the idea of giving $450,000 each in “reparations” to people who crossed the border illegally during the Trump administration.

Perhaps what America needs is for the Democrats to attempt to pass new immigration legislation, only for it to fail. That way, the Democrats definitely won’t maintain control of the House or Senate later this year…