Car Crash Leads To Massive Payout For Victim’s Family

( Monique Muñoz’s family settled a lawsuit against the parents of a boy driving a Lamborghini SUV at over 100 mph. He ran through a red light and smashed into her automobile in West Los Angeles.
The family reached an $18 million settlement in the lawsuit.
Muñoz, 32, was killed on Olympic Boulevard and Overland Avenue on February 17, 2021. Her Lexus automobile was struck by a Lamborghini Urus driven by the then-17-year-old son of multimillionaire businessman James Khuri as she was turning left.
Muñoz was driving home to Hawthorne from her employment at UCLA Health in Los Angeles.
The family’s lawyer announced the settlement on Wednesday. Muñoz’s family launched the lawsuit in September.
In a statement, attorney Daniel Ghyczy, who represents the Muñoz family, stated, “Today is a huge milestone since the Muñoz family can now find some closure for this awful accident. The family faced countless obstacles from both private insurance companies and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and the brutal reality of racism and bias towards those from underserved neighborhoods.”
According to counsel for Muñoz’s family, the award might be worth more than $25 million. During the hearing on Wednesday, the court adjourned the case to a later date to assess the family’s total restitution.
After admitting to a Juvenile Court petition charging him with vehicular manslaughter, the boy was sentenced to seven to nine months in a juvenile camp last year.
The family pleaded with the district attorney’s office to look into this issue and met with them dozens of times to advocate for their family, according to Ghyczy. He added that for the Muñoz family, it was never about money; it was about acknowledging (the teen’s) misbehavior, which resulted in the loss of their only daughter, and ensuring that he was held accountable. Today’s settlement results from their efforts and is a step closer to justice.
An LAPD officer testified about what was discovered on the SUV’s event data recorder during the juvenile court hearing. Officer Daniel Whitmore said the vehicle’s speed was measured at 86 mph five seconds before the incident, with the driver’s foot “totally on the gas pedal 100 percent.”
According to him, the SUV was moving at around 106 mph two seconds before the collision.
According to the data recorder, the brakes were deployed but only slowed the SUV to 77 and 92 mph when it collided with the Lexus’ passenger side.
The accident happened at rush hour in a 35-mph zone.
During the court hearing, the youngster, whose name was not disclosed due to his age, apologized to Muñoz’s family, saying, “Please know that I am so profoundly sorry from the bottom of my heart.”
Khuri apologized to the Muñoz family in an Instagram post.
The post stated, “I am aware that the time it has taken me to share this has caused further sorrow for everyone impacted.” “Knowing that this will never be enough to make up for the awful death of Monique Muñoz’s daughter, I want to express my condolences to the Muñoz family.” There are no words I can say to make the anguish you’re feeling go away. And I’m well aware that neither my words nor my actions will be able to bring your daughter back.”
In a letter read in court by the prosecutor, the victim’s mother stated that the driver made an “avoidable and horrible choice” and that the toughest part has been learning to live without her daughter, whom she referred to as her best friend.
Carol Cardona noted in the letter, “The only comfort I have is that she understood how loved and treasured she was.”
Due to the teen’s father’s riches and influence, relatives and campaigners complained that charges were not filed swiftly enough in the case. Forbes describes Khuri as a multimillionaire with real estate, manufacturing, and an e-commerce company under his belt.
The driver’s arrest was delayed until February 23, 2021, according to police, because he was hospitalized with injuries.
James Khuri was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which is a misdemeanor.