Caitlyn Jenner Promises To Support Donald Trump

( Caitlyn Jenner, the retired Olympic athlete previously known as Bruce Jenner, has pledged to support former President Donald Trump if he makes another run for the presidency. Jenner, who is on the ballot to replace Governor Gavin Newsom in the September recall election, told Judge Jeanine on Fox News that “obviously” she would support Trump if he were to run again.

Jenner doubled down on her support of the former president and said that her support is not contingent on her victory in the race, meaning she is firmly behind the Make America Great Again agenda and refuses to bow down to the woke mob.

“Yes, I would still support him,” she said. “I do not like what’s happening in this country right now.”

Jenner might not be the purest ideological conservative there is, but isn’t it refreshing to have a Republican who might enjoy an easier life by caving and supporting the Democrats refusing to bow down to the woke mob?

The Democrats wish Jenner was on their side!

Jenner is likely to take a lot of flack for expressing her support for the former president, and appeared to be aware of that in the clip. If you watch her response to Jeanine’s questions, you can hear slight hesitation but a genuine conviction.

You’d have to be crazy to look at what President Joe Biden is doing to this country and not want change.

Jenner is up against a number of Democrat and Republican candidates in the possible gubernatorial race. Her primary Republican challenger is staunch conservative radio host Larry Elder, who may more easily attract the traditional Republican vote but who is unlikely to win over left-wing California voters.