Buses Set on Fire as Soccer Fans Clash Ahead of French Cup

Fans of Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain, who were traveling to Lille for the French Cup final, got into a brawl at a French highway toll on Saturday.

According to a police source, two buses were reported to be on fire, but fortunately, there were no casualties.

The Stade Pierre Mauroy, where the Coupe de France was held, is around 62 miles apart from the sites of the accidents.

As dense black smoke billowed from the bus that was on fire, onlookers witnessed a throng kicking a man who was on the ground.

On Saturday, Macron was on his way to the championship match, passing where the violence broke out at a toll gate 60 kilometers (40 miles) north of Lille.

On Sunday, both PSG and Lyon joined French President Emmanuel Macron in denouncing the violence that broke out between the rival football supporters, which resulted in 38 injuries and the destruction of a bus.

A police source said that the brawl included between 100 Lyon fans and 200 PSG fans and overshadowed the final, which nonetheless went ahead despite increased security. PSG won 2-1.

Hooligans yelled, “This is Paris,” while a guy used a megaphone to call for calm.

A spokesperson did affirm that the confrontations injured eight or more police administrators.

Glass and metal containers containing alcohol were prohibited, and designated sections were created for each type of fan.

Lyon coach Fabio Grosso was injured earlier this season after supporters on a coach were attacked with bottles of beer and stones, leading to the cancellation of a match between Lyon and Marseille.

Grosso needed twelve stitches to repair face injuries he acquired while playing for Italy in the 2006 World Cup.

Photos of him on a stretcher with a bloodied hand and an open cut above his eye contrasted with those of him with a bandage covering his head.

In addition to a rise of hooliganism that has been overwhelming police forces around Europe, football fans traveling to Germany this summer for Euro 2024 have also been warned about it.