BURST PIPE Delays Georgia County Absentee Ballot Count

(PresidentialWire.com)- Far-left news outlet the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Tuesday night that the counting of absentee ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, would be delayed as a result of a burst water pipe. And it’s a big delay.

According to the report, the full count of the votes might not even be in until Friday, days after the election. Another official, however, said that there would only be a four-hour delay.

How is it nobody seems to know what is happening in this election?

Roughly 90% of Atlanta is in Fulton County, and it has a population of just under 1.1 million. That means one of the most populated counties in the state will be delayed for an unknown period of time during the most contentious presidential race in recent history.

Thankfully, none of the ballots were harmed as a result of the burst water pipe, despite being in the room when the pipe burst. Before the pipe burst, election officials had hoped that they would have been able to count 75% of the ballots by 11 p.m. That didn’t happen.

It begs the question of why it takes days for the ballots to be moved to a different secure room and counted in the same way that they would have been if the pipe hadn’t burst.

“Fulton has scanned 86,191 of the 130,517 absentee-by-mail ballots received, which doesn’t include the ballots received in today’s mail,” Fulton’s elections manager Ralph Jones reportedly told the Journal-Constitution.

“It’s going to be later than what we would like it to be,” he also said about the confirmation of the results.

This wasn’t the only county in Georgia to experience problems on election day either. Reports suggest that Gwinnett County experienced a “technical issue” that delayed the counting of absentee ballots.

Is this the most chaotic election in history?