British TV Censors “Homophobic” Line From Spiderman Movie

( Last Saturday, the UK television network ITV aired the 2002 movie Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire with one line of dialogue edited out of the broadcast.

ITV removed a joke many over the years have huffily claimed was “homophobic.”

In the original film, Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man) decides to enter a wrestling competition shortly after discovering his newfound superpowers. When he gets into the ring, he tells the other wrestler, “That’s a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?”

ITV left in “That’s a cute outfit,” but edited out the “Did your husband give it to you” part.

Wait. That’s homophobic?

Admittedly, it sounds like a joke a teenager would make. But how is it “homophobic?”

Making a lame gay joke isn’t the same as having an irrational fear of homosexuals.

People are so hypersensitive nowadays.

In a statement to “Variety,” ITV said when the network broadcasts something, they always “carefully consider the suitability of content” to make sure “it meets audience expectations, especially when intended for family viewing.”

Ah, okay. So ITV edited out “Did your husband give it to you” because family audiences don’t expect lame jokes.

You can bet if Peter Parker had given the other wrestler a big, sloppy kiss, ITV would’ve kept it in, family viewing or no family viewing. England isn’t China. Two men kissing wouldn’t get the same censorious intervention in England that China demands.

Earlier this month, Warner Brothers agreed to remove 6 seconds from the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, “The Secrets of Dumbledore” that contained “gay references” to get the green light to show the film in China.

In defending its decision to cave to Chinese censors, Warner Brothers explained that the company wants audiences all around the world to “see and enjoy the film” and it was important that Chinese audiences have the opportunity to enjoy the movie too.

What nonsense. Warner Brothers didn’t make this decision for the enjoyment of the Chinese people. They did it for cold, hard cash.