Border Patrol Crushes Biden After Disastrous Visit

Following President Joe Biden’s and former President Trump’s visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, a union serving the Border Patrol personnel made fun of Biden.  On February 29th, Biden went to a Border Patrol station in Brownsville, Texas, while Trump went to the highly active Eagle Pass.

On social media, The National Border Patrol Council shared a photo of Biden sleeping on a beach with a humorous caption explaining the President’s agenda for his visit to a Texas border town on Air Force One.

Some comments included: ‘Take a snooze on board AF1, wake up in Brownsville, read the teleprompter, and blame Trump.  Take a snooze after boarding AF1, and inquire about the green uniformed individuals.’

In February, the council said the disastrous situation at the border is completely because of Biden. He nurtured it.

It has been extremely critical of President Joe Biden and his team regarding border security.

The National Border Patrol Council represents approximately 18,000 agents and support staff assigned to the United States Border Patrol and has backed Trump for 2024.

At a March 7 hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, former President Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, Tom Homan, was cross-examined by Art Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies and Gene Hamilton, the executive director of America First Legal, about Joe Biden’s response to the massive problem of illegal immigration.

According to the Judiciary Committee’s webpage, the hearing focused on how the Biden administration has undermined successful border security measures and prevented the aggressive enforcement of immigration laws within the country. It will also ask President Biden how he plans to address the border crisis by utilizing existing mechanisms within immigration law.

This hearing was held after the murder of Laken Riley, a nursing student in Georgia, by Jose Ibarra, who is being held on murder and illegal immigration charges.

The murder happened just before the Biden administration acknowledged its role in facilitating the invasion by running clandestine charter flights that brought more than 320,000 illegal immigrants to different cities in the US from foreign nations.