Bodyguard Reveals Amber Heard Pooped On Johnny Depp’s Bed

( Americans are unfortunately being subjected to another tabloid trial, this time between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Not since the OJ case has there been a better argument against cameras being permitted in courtrooms.

And last Thursday, Depp’s bodyguard Starling Jenkins confirmed a tidbit previously revealed during the trial, namely, that Amber Heard dropped a deuce on Johnny Depp’s bed. Jenkins said the actress referred to the stunt as “a horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

Jenkins also claimed that, while attending Coachella, Heard ate “magic mushrooms” and drank a lot of red wine on an empty stomach causing her to get sick.

She sounds lovely.

Jenkins also testified that after a fight, Heard tossed Depp’s belongings off the balcony and onto the street.

Among the belongings the trashy actress hurled off the balcony was Depp’s phone. Jenkins explained that he used the Find My iPhone app to track down the phone that he found in a homeless man’s possession “on skid row.” He had to bribe the homeless guy with food and Fiji water to get the phone back.

Not content with Heard tossing his dirty laundry from the balcony, Johnny Depp decided to air the rest of their dirty laundry by suing Heard for defamation.

During the course of the tabloid trial, Depp has accused the actress of abuse, claiming among other things that she threw bottles of vodka at him, severely cutting his middle finger. He also claimed that Heard put a cigarette out in his face.

And they call Trump supporters white trash.