Bob Brenly Forced To “Apologize” Over “Racist” Joke That Was NOT Racist

( Bob Brenly, the former baseball player and current sportscaster who broadcasts for Arizona Diamondbacks games, announced on Wednesday that he plans to attend sensitivity training sessions following a left-wing backlash about comments he made recently.

The 67-year-old sports legend published a statement in which he apologized for a comment he made about a do-rag worn by New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman.

Brenly was slammed for joking that the do-rag was the same one worn by the late Tom Seaver, a baseball pitcher who also played for the Mets. He was also not typically seen wearing a do-rag…

Stroman responded in a tweet on Wednesday that he would move “onward and upward” and bypass “adversity and racist undertones.”

It was a veiled dig at Brenly, who simply cracked a joke but was accused of making racist comments.

Luis Rojas, the manager of the New York Mets, also came out against Brenly and said that is comments were “very inappropriate.” He added that if it was a joke, he “didn’t get it.”

It remains unclear why exactly the comment was considered racist, but nonetheless, Brenly issued the statement presumably in an effort to protect his career and minimize the backlash. He admitted that he made a “poor attempt at humor” that was “insensitive and wrong.”

Brenly said that he has reached out to Stroman and has apologized, and will undergo sensitivity training so that he can leave from his mistakes and “be better in the future.”

If anyone can explain why he’s in trouble and which part of the joke was racist…we’re all ears. Because we can’t find the racism in his comments.