Bloomberg Now Sells A “Not A Socialist” Hat For Sane (Ish) Democrats

( – Michael Bloomberg has been stepping up his war against socialist Bernie Sanders in recent weeks, and his latest move is to make the Vermont senator’s socialist policies a theme in his merchandise. The Bloomberg campaign has begun selling baseball caps that read “not a socialist,” in a move likely designed to replicate the huge success of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats.

Bloomberg, a billionaire media mogul as well as the former mayor of New York City is a staunch supporter of capitalism and has long opposed the socialism advocated by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other Democratic Party presidential candidates.

The design of the hats is by no means inspiring, but its simplicity may prove to be a thorn in the side of Bernie’s campaign. President Trump’s simple “Make America Great Again” theme proved hugely popular in the 2016 race, and Bloomberg knows it. The hat features to fancy embroidery and no special designs; just a simple, serif-free font with the message emblazoned on the front.

Announcing the product, the Bloomberg campaign cited research by Pew Research Center from 2019 that found most Americans have a negative opinion about socialism. “Twice as many Americans have a positive impression of capitalism than socialism,” they wrote, before adding “One size fits all of us.”

Interestingly, the campaign also claims that the hat is not intended to generate profit for the campaign. Instead, they say every product on the Bloomberg campaign store is “priced at cost to the campaign.” Either Bloomberg produced a small run of the hats or his message is actually provingpopular because the $17.76 hat is currently sold out.

If it really is priced at cost, then the $17.76 price must just be a huge coincidence, right?

Bloomberg makes no secret of his disdain for communism and socialism, proving him a controversial candidate in the modern Democratic Party. During a recent presidential debate, Bloomberg called out Sanders for being the “best known socialist in the country” who “happens to be a millionaire with three houses.” The comment enraged Sanders, who claimed he had one house in DC, one house in Vermont, and a summer house like “most other” people do.

Do you have a summer house?

I don’t.