BLM Supporter Drives CAR Through Trump Supporters, Gets Charged With Attempted Murder

( A Black Lives Matter supported was charged with attempted murder after plowing her car through a crowd of peaceful Donald Trump supporters. Tatiana Turner, the 40-year-old founder of a Black Lives Matter-supporting organization called “Caravan4Justice,” was caught on video driving her car through a crowd of Republican protestors in Orange County.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the incident took place at 3 p.m. on Saturday. A vehicle in the parking lot of Yorba Public Library drove through the crowd and struck at least two individuals.

“The driver, believed to be part of the Caravan for Justice, continued to leave the parking lot and was detained a short distance away from the incident,” the police statement reads. “The two people struck, a man and a woman believed to be at the protest, were transported to a nearby hospital with major injuries but are expected to survive.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, one man who was hit by the car “suffered two broken legs and was hospitalized,” while the woman who was hit “suffered major and moderate injuries throughout her body.”

It comes after a spate of Black Lives Matter protests in the middle of roads and highways, with far-left protesters attacking people in their vehicles and smashing up cars if they don’t turn around. This situation is substantially different, however, in that the Trump supporters were not harassing the woman in the car and were not blocking a road.

“The driver, Tatiana Turner, 40, of Long Beach, was arrested,” the statement continued. “She will be booked into the Orange County Jail for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and the investigation is ongoing.”

Roughly 250 people gathered in the area, with members of the BLM-supporting Caravan4Justice protesting alongside pro-Donald Trump counter-protesters.

According to federal records, as reported by the Daily Mail, turned filed a trademark application for the Caravan4Justice group back in July. GoFundMe campaigns were also set up in her name and list her as the founder of the organization.