Black Lives Matter Founding Stepping Down

( Patrisse Cullors, the wealthy founder of the Black Lives Matter movement who was exposed in April for purchasing four homes for a massive $3.2 million is reportedly stepping down from her position as the executive director of the central foundation of the group she founded. It comes as more people question her finances, her suitability for the role, and her hypocrisy.

The 37-year-old far-left political activist told The Associated Press that she decided to leave the role to focus her attention on other projects – two of which include a major TV deal with Warner Bros and another book deal.

Looks like she’s about to get even wealthier!

In her statement, Cullors said she believed she had created the right “bones and foundation” for the group and that it’s the right time to step away. Cullors dismissed the real estate and finances scandal and deflected by suggesting that she had been planning to leave the organization for more than a year…interesting.

If true, it would mean that the departure has nothing to do with the multi-million-dollar real estate controversy…

“Those were right-wing attacks,” she claimed, without evidence. Cullors even said that the revelations about her wealth was an effort to discredit her character, and that she doesn’t “operate off of what the right thinks of [her].”

This is the same woman who called herself a “trained Marxist” during the early days of the Black Lives Matter movement. What kind of trained Marxist owns multi-million-dollar homes?

And between 2013 and 2019, the BLM foundation revealed that she had been paid some $120,000 in compensation.

CNN appeared to defend Cullors, promoting her activism in a positive piece about “how a hashtag became a movement,” and failing to mention the controversy that forced her to resign.