Black Leaders Take Stand Against Leftist Plot

According to a letter received by an internet media outlet, more than a hundred black church and community leaders in Ohio encouraged voters to vote against a ballot issue in November that would declare abortion a constitutional right.

Reports show that in February, pro-abortion supporters wrote the initiative, and in August, voters rejected a Republican-proposed proposal to raise the bar for adopting a constitutional amendment.

In a letter initiated by Black pastors, Apostle Brian Williams of the Hope City House of Prayer, elected officials, and community leaders, urged Ohio voters to reject the abortion amendment on November 7. They argued that the amendment would allow the abortion industry to rob future generations of Black women and men of the insurmountable joy of parenthood.

The abortion business has unjustly targeted the Black community since eugenicist racist Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood organization purposefully built abortion mills in minority communities.

The letter implies that the for-profit abortion business has enabled Sanger’s original intent, which was to kill unborn Black babies, to continue unabated.

Although just 13% of Ohio’s population is black, 48% of abortions in the entire state are done on black women, according to the Ohio Department of Health’s 2022 abortion report, which was issued in September. The Post-Abortion Care Report for Complications and the Confidential Abortion Report in Ohio are the data sources used to compile the 2022 Annual Abortion Report. The study only includes data on abortions that took place in Ohio; it does not cover abortions that Ohioans had performed elsewhere.

According to the letter, black religious leaders believe that supporting the amendment should not be a party issue since it is “moral” and “life-or-death” for their community.

Former state Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent and J. Kenneth Blackwell, the former Mayor of Cincinnati, were among the 100-plus notable church and community leaders and government officials who signed the letter along with Williams.