Bill Maher Says Cancel Culture Needs To End… Now

( The Friday after Whoopie Goldberg was forced to apologize on-air and received a two-week suspension over her comments about the Holocaust, “Real Time” host Bill Maher suggested that it is time to get past trying to cancel people who say the wrong thing.

On his HBO program on February 10, Maher said people have to learn to disagree without hating each other.

While acknowledging that he disagreed with what Goldberg said, Maher argued that she shouldn’t be forced to “conform” or apologize for her views on race, nor should she have to “sit out like a child and think about what she did.”

He blasted “The View” for suspending Goldberg for sharing her opinion, suggesting it would be like firing “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak “for selling a vowel.”

Maher argued that it was time to get past the “endless, unforgiving, zero-tolerance mindset” to punish and disappear people for saying the wrong thing. He echoed the argument made by free speech advocates that the response to speech you disagree with is more speech, “not the lazy, cowardly response of canceling people.”

In a country the size of America, there will be a lot of people “who don’t think like you,” Maher said. The only thing we all should agree on, he added, is freedom of speech itself.

Watch his full monologue HERE.