Bill Gates Says 2021 was “Most Unusual and Difficult Year”

( You think you’ve had a bad year, what with rising consumer prices, persistent inflation, and all the economic hardship, just wait until you hear what a bad year it’s been for billionaire Bill Gates.

Nobody knows the trouble he’s seen.

Last week, Gates released a blog post in which he described 2021 as “the most unusual and difficult year of my life.” See, Bill had a tough time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only that, his wife divorced him.

Did you lose your job? Did your business go bankrupt? Can you barely afford to pay your grocery bill or fill up your gas tank? Well, quit your whining. This has been a really rough year for Bill Gates. So stop being so selfish and spare a thought for the billionaire, would you?

The navel-gazing Gates described what a “strange and disorienting experience” 2021 has been for him. His world feels so small.

But wait! It gets worse for the poor guy. His daughter got married and his youngest left home for college. Now he’s “officially an empty nester.” Oh, woe is he.

He’s disillusioned, don’t you see. He thought the COVID pandemic would end in 2021, and “the improvement hasn’t been as dramatic as I hoped.” But, plucky little soldier that he is, Bill is still hopeful that the pandemic’s end “is finally in sight.”

Gates makes it clear who’s to blame for his hopes getting dashed, writing that he didn’t foresee how hard it was going to be to convince people to get vaccinated and wear a mask.

We let him down. We let Bill Gates down. We should be ashamed.

Gates predicts that the “acute phase” of the pandemic will end sometime in 2022. But he does find the omicron variant “concerning.”

In the end, Gates predicted that Americans will get a COVID shot every year the way they do a flu shot, explaining that communities may see occasional COVID outbreaks, but news drugs are coming that “could take care of most cases.” And if that doesn’t work, he explains, there are always hospitals.