Bill Gates Calls Latest Disaster “Good”

( The European energy crisis has been hailed as “positive for the long term” by a millionaire climate campaigner.

Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, said contentious things about energy during a Tuesday appearance on CNBC.

He said that given that people won’t want to be reliant on Russian natural gas, the energy crisis brought on by the war between Ukraine and Russia and the NordStream explosions is actually “positive in the long term.”

According to Gates, the energy crisis in Europe presents a chance for the continent to embrace the climate change agenda and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Gates questions if such a catastrophe would enable a global economy to rapidly move away from dependency on fossil fuels due to the immediate disruption of the oil and gas industry.

Currently, it’s a setback that Russian natural gas isn’t accessible in Europe. To replace them, we need to locate hydrocarbon sources outside Russia,” Gates said.

Maintaining those economies in sound condition is a priority, the billionaire said. He also said that it’s beneficial in the long term because people won’t want to rely on Russian natural gas, which will encourage them to adopt these new strategies more quickly.

Gates said it would be foolish to “draw all the money away from fossil fuel sectors” since “that’s how people go to work today. That’s how people escape freezing to death in the winter.” Gates urged European countries that are struggling to “speed the process” and switch to renewable energy sources.

The “State of the Energy Transition,” issued by Gates on Tuesday, urged the United States and other nations that had been guilty of stabilizing their economies with fossil fuels to take steps to decarbonize the whole world economy and its sectors.

Gates remarked that many nations in Europe and North America loaded the atmosphere with carbon to attain wealth. It is unreasonable and unjust to demand everyone else forsake a more pleasant existence because that carbon turned out to damage the climate.