Bill Clinton Is Quietly Meeting With Bill Gates

( Bill Gates and Bono, longtime pals, were spotted Monday strolling through New York City’s streets with a sizable security detail.

The unusual friends, who have worked together for 20 years to solve global health challenges, were seen catching up while strolling the streets of NYC.

The two males were conversing and could be seen grinning as they passed a police car.

The billionaire founder of Microsoft was in New York City on Monday for UN General Assembly events, including the Global Fund replenishment conference to review funding for initiatives to fight malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis as well as to improve pandemic preparedness.

On Wednesday, he will also speak at the Goalkeepers 2022 gathering.

While all is going on, Bono is in New York City for the Clinton Global Initiative 2022 summit, organized by the Clinton Foundation.

The contentious foundation’s annual summit is being held for the first time since the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

It will feature declarations of new Commitments to Action—detailed, quantifiable initiatives philanthropists might launch to tackle global issues.

According to the Clinton Foundation, more than 3,700 Commitments to Action have been announced at these summits since they first started in 2005, “making an impact in the lives of more than 435 million people in more than 180 countries.”

In a statement released in advance of the meeting this week, former President Bill Clinton stated,
I am still encouraged by the commitments from folks across the CGI community to join together, establish improbable partnerships, and take action on the critical global concerns of our day.

The sponsors and partners for our CGI 2022 Meeting are helping to create a space where people don’t simply discuss but also forge and implement solutions, which is what makes this possible.

As the CGI community comes together to take action, I am very appreciative of their support.

In one of those unexpected alliances, Bono and Gates have worked together for the past 20 years to address global health concerns while developing close friendships.

The unlikely allies founded the (RED) Foundation, which has raised $207 million for HIV/AIDS medicine to date back to 2010. They are now so close that when the AIDS epidemic hit in 2020, Gates claimed that seeing Bono was the thing he missed most. Bill Gates and Bono went out while Melinda Gates’ ex gave a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative on Monday.