Big Tech Reaches Partnership With Liberal Media To Silence “Misinformation”

( Big Tech is joining forces with Big Media to combat what they call “misinformation.” Twitter announced this week that the social media platform would be working with the Associated Press and Reuters on a new scheme whereby they will outsource much of their “fact-checking” to the media companies.

It’s similar to what Facebook already does, and will see Twitter banning users and deleting posts based on the opinions of left-wing journalists – or “fact-checkers.”

Twitter said that the goal of the new project is to ensure that users only have access to “reliable content,” and while they attempted to quell fears that the media will assist the social media platform in silencing people, they fell flat. Twitter assured users that the media will not have a direct role in removing so-called “misinformation”…but didn’t deny that the decisions made by the so-called fact-checkers would ultimately be handed down to the Twitter “Trust and Safety” team who will do the banning and blocking for them.

A statement from Twitter said that the partnership will ensure “credible information” is available to users in real-time as they emerge on Twitter, where some of the world’s biggest news stories are often first talked about online. They will be directing content to their “fact-checking” partners when the stories relate to issues that the Twitter team doesn’t have specific expertise on.

So presumably that means Twitter will stick to banning anyone they believe is “misogynistic,” “racist,” or “transphobic,” and will direct concerns about COVID “misinformation” to their media partners.

Another plan by Twitter that sounds equally daunting is their goal to “contextualize” emerging conversations and even anticipate conversation before they begin. It indicates that Twitter may be looking to add yet more warnings on Twitter content that hasn’t been immediately banned, encouraging people to rethink their opinions.

If you’re still using Twitter…have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?