Big Biden Donors BAILED OUT BY MILLIONS By Trump’s COVID Relief Program

( While presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to trash President Donald Trump’s response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, his biggest donors are cashing in with massive loans and financial relief from the Paycheck Protection Program implemented by the Trump administration.

On Monday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin revealed new information about funding disbursement from the program, indicating which companies benefitted from the federal relief program and how much they received. The data showed that many of the individuals funding Biden’s election campaign were helped significantly by Trump.

Without measures taken by the Trump administration, these companies may have suffered catastrophically. So what exactly are they complaining about, and why are they still funding Biden when he’s claiming Trump didn’t take the right action?

Out of the Biden donors helped by the government, one of the biggest recipients of government funding was the Buccini/Pollin Group. It’s a real estate company that runs commercial and residential property operations. Its empire also included 40 hotels all over the country, and not only is the group one of the biggest donors to the Biden campaign, but also to a Super PAC that was formed to assist the campaign.

According to Federal Election Commission records, one of the subsidiaries of this company donated some $100,000 to the Super Pac, Unite the Country, on December 30 last year. The donation was made on the same day that the three main partners of the company, David Pollen and Robert and Christopher Buccini, all donated $33,333 to the PAC – so that’ $200,000 in total to the Super PAC on the same day.

Buccino gave a private donation to the Biden campaign, giving to $2,800 installments, the last of which was made in April this year. The donations were made in the same month that the company received massive Paycheck Protection Program loans. Federal records show that a loan of between one and two million dollars was granted to BPG Real Estate Services at the beginning of April. A subsidiary of the company, BPG Construction, LLC., was also given a loan of between one and two million dollars. BPG Office Associates, LLC., was granted a loan of between $350,000 and one million dollars.

Millions of dollars to the biggest Biden donor, and yet Biden keeps pretending that Trump didn’t do enough.

How many more millions does Biden think his big donors should have been granted?