Biden’s Wife Surrounded By Secret Service On Vacation

( Given the salacious images of Hunter Biden that have been circulating on social media, it is hard to believe he could be married, but he is. He’s married to Melissa Cohen, 35, and she’s been spotted on the beaches of Brazil.

The girl from Ipanema beach is costing Americans a pretty penny. She and her family are heavily guarded by tax-payer-funded security.

While the rest of the country struggles financially under the policies of the Biden administration- due to record inflation, high gas prices, food shortages, and soaring energy costs- the Biden clan is busy frolicking on the exotic beaches in South America.

Cohen, flaunting her beach body, wore a yellow bikini top and navy blue patterned bottoms. She gave birth to a son two years ago, Beau Jr., named after Hunter’s brother, who died of brain cancer.

Melissa, born in South Africa, will be the guest of honor at the Orphaned Starfish Foundation’s benefit for the LGBTQ+ community. The gala will take place Thursday at the Copacabana Palace. It features musical guests and dance performances.
Tickets range from general admission, starting at $40, to $10,000.

Melissa is traveling with a heavy entourage that includes six SUVs, six Secret Service agents and was spotted being escorted by seven Brazilian federal officers.

Meanwhile, her husband Hunter, 52, faces a grand jury probe that seeks to investigate his shady finances and business deals, which will most likely include “the big guy,” the president of the United States.

Last month, the mother of Hunter’s baby daughter, Lunden Roberts, 30, testified before a federal grand jury investigating him for alleged tax crimes. She is just one of a growing list of former business partners and associates testifying against Hunter in the DOJ’s clandestine three-year investigation into his murky financials.

For several hours, Roberts was grilled by lawyers for the Federal government in a courthouse in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.
Details of grand jury testimony are secretive, and Hunter’s baby mama declines to speak to the media.

Hunter Biden pleaded poverty in a 2017 divorce from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, with whom he has three kids. Hunter insisted that the costs of having a family cleaned him out.

Meanwhile, investigators allege that Hunter is worth, ridiculously, $156 million. That is a lot of paintings, seemingly his only source of income.

He had a much-scrutinized $50,000 per month role at the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma and questionable business interests in China.

But, nothing to see here… except his wife in a bikini in Rio.