Biden’s Sister Absurdly Claims That Joe Knew Nothing Of His Son’s Business Dealings

( Chris Wallace has suddenly become interested in discussing Hunter Biden’s questionable international business transactions.
When Trump brought up the laptop from hell during the 2020 presidential debates, Wallace didn’t want to talk about Hunter Biden, but now he needs the numbers since CNN+ is in peril.
This week, Valerie Biden Owens, Joe Biden’s disgusting sister, has been making the rounds and chatted with Chris Wallace on “The View,” a CBS morning show.
“Aunt Valerie,” thinks Hunter Biden’s multi-million dollar fortune in China has nothing to do with her high-profile brother.
The President’s sister wants you to believe that the Chinese Communists and crooked Ukrainians were merely looking for a way to cooperate with an unemployed degenerate crackhead with no expertise in the energy sector.
“Do you think Hunter got those jobs in Ukraine and China on his own, without having anything to do with who his father was?” Chris Wallace asked Valerie Biden.

She said, naively, that she is aware that Hunter is an intelligent young guy.

She described him as an “honorable guy” who was engaged in numerous companies.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was discovered at a Delaware computer repair shop, with data about his business operations in China and Ukraine and proof that he used his family links to then-Vice President Joe Biden as pressure.

Despite having no experience in the field, Hunter Biden was paid up to $50,000 per month to sit on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm.

The first son benefitted from his father’s political clout and received million-dollar payouts from corporations in China and Ukraine.

Owens disregards the notion that the worst is yet to come for the Biden family.

She said she doesn’t know what could be worse than seeing Hunter walk through hell, referring to Beau’s death from glioblastoma when he was 46 years old. You never know when the worst may happen, but whatever happens, we’ll be able to manage it as a family.

Families, every day, “manage it” despite her brother’s dismal policies.