Biden’s Dog Passed Away

( Over the weekend, the Biden family announced that their 13-year-old dog Champ passed away “peacefully at home.” The Bidens got the German Shepherd as a month-old pup from a Pennsylvania breeder in December 2008. And according to Jill Biden, she had promised Joe that he could get a dog only if Obama won the election. Which sounds oddly like something a mother would tell her child.

That leaves the Bidens with only one pet – the not-so-well-behaved Major.

Major was banished from the White House after two biting incidents.

In early March, Major caused a minor injury to a secret service agent. As a result he was temporarily removed from the White House and banished to Wilmington where he was to undergo “training.”

Shortly afterward, Major made his return to the White House only to bite a National Park Service employee while out for a walk on the White House grounds.

In response to the biting incidents, President Biden defended Major – calling him a “sweet dog.”

Of course, Biden also believes Hunter is “the smartest guy I know.”

In response to the news of Champ’s death, National Review writer Dan McLaughlin sparked outrage over a column titled “The Shakespearean Father-Son Tragedy of the Biden Family.” In the column McLaughlin noted that the story of Biden’s dogs “one uncomplicatedly beloved and the other a constant source of trouble” reminded him of the similar dynamic between Beau and Hunter. The column itself is very good. But the premise nonetheless was met with furious, scathing responses.

Now that Champ has gone, however, and Major an unreliable resident of the White House, the question of the impending cat may rear its head again.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning’s Jane Pauley shortly after the election, the Bidens said that, in addition to Champ and Major, they would soon be adopting a cat to join them in the White House as well.

Thus far, no cat has materialized. In fact, it is the only Biden broken promise the White House press corps seems perturbed about. In March, Jen Psaki was questioned over the lack of the promised cat.

No doubt the White House press corps, mourning Champ’s death, will again start asking “What happened to the cat?”