Biden’s “Cheat Sheet” Document Raises Concerns Over Handlers

( During a meeting, President Joe Biden was photographed with a sheet instructing him how to act, who to talk to and when. In the past, Biden has been caught with “cheat sheets” informing him of what members of the press to call on or what bullet points to address.

Biden met with leaders in the energy sector and governors in another effort to continue increasing America’s reliance on greener energy alternatives, Mediaite reported. 11 governors from the East Coast attended the meeting as the president intends to form a partnership addressing climate change.

These efforts reportedly included expanding “key elements of the offshore industry, including manufacturing facilities, ports and workforce training and development.”

A photographer, named Drew Angerer, snapped the photo that he captioned “Biden’ cue card,” which would lead to further skepticism that Biden was being “handled” and not entirely cognitively fit to assume his presidential duties.

A list of instructions, with an emphasis on the pronouns “You” and “Your,” was sprawled on the card in typical bullet-point format, reading:

• “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.
• YOU take YOUR seat
• YOU give brief comments (two minutes).
• YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question
• YOU thank participants.
• YOU depart.”

Conservatives and other critics of the president took to Twitter as the photo of Biden inadvertently showing the camera his cue card went viral. It immediately rekindled concerns that the president is a “geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House.”

Another took to Twitter observing that if the president cannot remember what to do at his own event, including when to sit down, who could be in charge of him?

The meeting comes after Biden was videoed to tumble and fall off of his bicycle after going for a ride in Delaware on the weekend. He stopped to greet his very ecstatic supporters when his foot was caught on the pedal, sending him falling onto his back and head.

The White House allege that the president did not need any medical attention and was at his home in Delaware with his family. A day after, Biden’s granddaughter told the press that they were spending their time together by doing puzzles.

A common exercise for memory loss.