Biden Wants The Mainstream Media To Treat Him Even More Positively

( There’s been a spate of columns in the American corporate press recently whining about the news media’s coverage of Joe Biden. One of the latest is from Washington Post columnist Perry Bacon Jr.

Arguing that “relentless negative coverage is toxic for politicians,” Bacon blames Biden’s plummeting polls, not on his long history of mistakes and incompetence, but on the news media.

Bacon believes the only reason Biden’s polling began to sharply dip after the bungling withdrawal from Afghanistan wasn’t because Biden bungled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but because the media reported on what a bungling mess the withdrawal from Afghanistan was.

How dare they notice?!

Sure, Bacon concedes that Biden “deserved criticism,” but it irked him that the media treated the withdrawal as if it was “the only thing happening in the world.”

It’s never Joe Biden’s fault, have you noticed that?

Anybody with two working eyes can see how the media works to run interference for this president and his administration.

Perry Bacon Jr. must now possess two working eyes.

On Wednesday, President Biden claimed that an oil slick on his mother’s windshield when he was a boy is the reason why he and so many others he grew up with “have” cancer.

When the RNC noticed that Biden said he has cancer, Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler blasted the RNC and claimed that Biden was talking about the non-melanoma skin cancers he had removed before he became president.

If that’s the case, why didn’t he say that was why he HAD cancer?

And even if that is true, Biden’s skin cancer was caused by sun exposure, not by oil on his mother’s windshield when he was a child.

The rest of the media quickly repeated Kessler’s ridiculous “fact-check,” and then the White House picked it up as well.

Ultimately, Townhall found an earlier speech in which Biden recounted the same anecdote to explain that was why he and so many others he grew up with have asthma.

The idea that the American corporate news media caused Joe Biden’s public support to collapse because they’ve been too hard on him is laughable.

Then again, it’s never old Joe’s fault.