Biden To Start Negotiating With Russia After Putin Humiliated Him

( This week, President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a behind-closed-doors meeting – and while little in the way of details have been released about the discussions, one tidbit offered by Biden is that the two countries have started “working-level” discussions to come to an agreement on arms control before 2026.

President Biden told the press that he had discussed further nuclear arms restrictions with Russian President Putin in “some detail” during an hours-long discussion in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

Putin also revealed that American and Russian counterparts will “set out of the composition of the delegates” and decide where they will work and how frequently meetings will take place to discuss arms agreements.

However, these discussions don’t necessarily mean that the United States and Russia will come to the same kind of agreement made by Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1985. Back then, a strong Republican leader was negotiating with a Russian communist. Today, a weak Democratic president, who doesn’t seem to know where he is half the time, is negotiating with the strongman leader of Russia.

What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking to The Washington Examiner, an unnamed U.S. official said that it’s not clear that the United States will ever reach an agreement, and that the discussions may ultimately become informal talks that lead to voluntary agreements. Such agreements won’t involve official treaties and won’t require any Senate confirmation, giving President Joe Biden a wider scope to establish worse deals.

Which is convenient for him…

The United States and Russia released a joint statement, though a joint press conference with the two world leaders didn’t occur presumably because Biden was scared of being shown up and embarrassed. The statement said that the two nations will “embark together” on a new “integrated bilateral Strategic Stability Dialogue” that is robust and deliberate.

We’ll see.