Biden Thinks Pressuring Supreme Court Might Backfire

( A report claims that President Joe Biden isn’t on board with his party bullying and pressuring left-wing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, suggesting that the plan could ultimately backfire. It comes after some of the most radically left-wing Democrats in Congress have called on Breyer, now the oldest on the bench, to resign and allow President Joe Biden to nominate an even more left-wing judge to sit on the highest court in the land.

Axios claimed on Tuesday that Biden and the White House are internally resisting calls for Justice Breyer to resign from the court.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is reportedly among the top Democrat officials who oppose the idea, having branded the idea as “tactically stupid.” According to the Axios report, Klain said that the efforts – which have included parking a truck outside of the Supreme Court building with “Breyer, retire,” on the side, could push the judge to resist and become more determined to stay in his role.

Klain and other White House staff also reportedly fear that the very public lobbying of Breyer could make it appear as though the Supreme Court is being politicized…which we know, with President Joe Biden in charge, it will be.

Andrew Bates, a White House spokesman, told Axios that Biden’s view is that any considerations about retirements are “solely and entirely” a matter for individual justices.

While many left-wing activists are concerned by the fact that there are 6 conservatives and 3 liberals on the bench, all that might not matter if President Biden gets his way in packing the court. Throughout his presidential campaign, Biden refused to rule out the possibility of packing the court – and even establish a committee to explore different ways that would allow him to change the makeup of the court without being accused of politicizing it.

So perhaps he doesn’t need Breyer to retire at all…