Biden Tells Children His Job is to Avoid Answering Questions

( On Monday, during a visit to an elementary school in New Jersey, Joe Biden accidentally told the truth.

Shocking, isn’t it?

At the conclusion of his comments to a classroom of students, the President pointed to the press pool covering the event and jokingly told the children that those people follow the president around all the time. They get to ask questions, and the president has to figure out how to avoid answering them.

While Joe said it as a joke, the fact is, that is far closer to the truth than Joe Biden’s handlers ever want him to get.

Joe Biden’s entire time in office has been a cat and mouse game of the press trying to get their questions answered while he scampers away, showing them nothing but his back.

The press corps has criticized this White House pretty regularly over the President’s lack of press availability. Between reporters and Biden is a heavy wall of staffers whose job it is to corral the reporters and chase them from the room. And when Biden does deign to answer questions from the press, he has a handy list of reporters his minders have instructed him to call on.

On those rare occasions, Biden opens the floor for questions, the White House quickly ends the live feed to avoid any potential embarrassment.

But, when push comes to shove, the majority of times Joe Biden appears before the press to deliver remarks, he simply turns his back on them and scampers out of the room rather than take any questions.

While Biden uttered a true statement to the school children, there is one part of his claim that is false.

It isn’t his job to find a way to avoid answering questions. That’s the job of the White House staff. Joe’s only job is to simply turn and walk away.

The White House carefully shields Joe Biden from making off-the-cuff remarks to the press because they know if he does, there is a good chance he’ll say something that gets him in trouble and forces the White House to deal with the aftermath.

Besides, they certainly don’t want a repeat of this iconic moment from the 2020 campaign: