Biden Starts Yelling About Donald Trump

( On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden slammed the Republican Party’s “Ultra MAGA” agenda and the “MAGA crowd” in Chicago.

Biden walked around the stage with a handheld microphone, yelling non-sequiturs and criticizing Congressional Republicans while praising his domestic program.

Biden’s first digression was on the American Rescue Plan, which provided funds to landlords. A five-million-household American Rescue Plan provides eviction assistance and cash for states and towns to distribute to landlords and tenants.

He then rambled on huge lines at food banks during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Biden bellowed about crowds of people waiting in line for a box of food. He said that we’ve all forgotten about them so easily. Then he asked, what the MAGA folks wanted? He said that the MAGA crowd wanted to “forget, forget.”

“This is America, “ Biden wailed. The concept of waiting an hour or an hour and a half in line to put a box of food in their trunk is “unbelievable.”

After that, Biden yelled at the Trump administration’s “Infrastructure Week” promotion, praising the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

After waiting four years with Trump, he said infrastructure week has finally arrived. He said the infrastructure projects are coming. And not just for a year, but Ten years!

Toward the end of his address, Biden yelled another tale.

He said that last week, he announced that 40 million low-income households earning less than $55,000 per year will obtain free high-speed internet.


He said he’d negotiate with the ISPs, and nearly 40% of American homes would qualify.
Biden said that we couldn’t be a country where a mother needs to drive her child to a McDonald’s parking lot at night to complete his homework.

“These are the USA!” Biden yelled.

He ended his address by praising his measures’ “fiscal discipline.” He slammed former President Donald Trump’s deficits while giving him a new moniker.

Biden whined that it’s about budgetary responsibility and dignity. He said that the deficit grew every year that his predecessor, the “great MAGA king,” was president.

He said that he cut the deficit by $350 billion in his first year as president. “1st year!” Biden reiterated.

He said the federal deficit will be reduced by $1.5 trillion this year, the most significant reduction in debt in American history.

As previously reported by The Daily Wire, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget attributes the reduction in deficits to prior COVID-19 expenditure.

Finally, Biden re-entered the fray, rehashing tired allegations about the “Ultra-MAGA” agenda.

He said he believes in compromise. But Trump’s Republican pals just view it differently right now. They aim to tackle inflation by raising taxes and reducing your income, not cutting expenses.

He asked if people think he’s just making it up and then invited people to look at Florida Senator Rick Scott’s strategy. He called it the Ultra MAGA strategy.

According to The Daily Wire, Senator Scott’s plan does not reflect the party’s vision if Republicans regain control of Congress in 2022.

Biden could have found any other obscure and inconsequential paper and bellowed about it as the country sinks under plans he’s implemented.